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Edit artificial nose with rib cartilage

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Edit artificial nose with rib cartilage

Korean Beauty would like to introduce you to the new technology in 2013 for it’s aesthetic rhinoplasty rhinoplasty with rib cartilage and miniature artificial nose does not leave scars.
Beauty Korean father born rhinoplasty S line technology in HCMC, Vietnam has resoundingly that many customers are now very interested. Technology rhinoplasty S line incorporates several advantages and overcome the limitations of these methods gives rhinoplasty old client with a nice nose contouring nose tip, nostrils lemon shaped particles.
 Images before and after rhinoplasty S line of Korean Beauty
However, there are still some cases where the patient does not have enough septum cartilage, or nose repeatedly distorts the nose, the septum cartilage no longer do? Improving artificial nose with rib cartilage is the best solution to handle comprehensive nose for nose hard case this
 Artificial rib cartilage
 Where does the use of artificial rib cartilage:
 + Cartilage itself is not enough
+ Septum cartilage defect
+ As many times have nose surgery should tip traction, short upturned
The results are:
 Like the S line rhinoplasty, rhinoplasty using rib cartilage to bring an artificial nose look how to:
 + Post nasal harmony with the structure of the face
+ First red ball nose contouring or not disclose waves
+ Wings slim nose, not to, friends
+ Two nostrils closed to form a lemon seed
+ Nose high, the natural curvature of the nose to the tip of the root
 Rhinoplasty surgery are varied and artificial cartilage material also varies. If the nose is simply just put the bow wave is relatively cheap prices. If rhinoplasty surgery that orthopedic entire nose like miniature tip orthopedic, head up, wrap the ear cartilage, cartilage septum, wrapped fascia, or rhinoplasty with rib cartilage created will depend on the complexity complex nose that prices will vary.
 Artificial imports rib cartilage
 In Vietnam there are many centers can improve nasal aesthetics but you should consider options prestigious salons. Korean Beauty is the gathering place of great aesthetic physicians, skilled, experienced and always updated with modern equipment and the latest technology that will define for you a beautiful nose shape, balance face. Cosmetic Surgery Beauty is not enough that the safety need.


  • Based on the criteria of an ideal nose Asia today is the length of the nose with a third face length , nose height of the top 1/3 of the length of the nose , the width of the nasal bones by 75 % -85 % of nose width , nose width of the distance between the two corners of the eyes , seen from the sub- head on the bottom sticks out about 2 – 3mm lower than the nose . Raise the nose right with such standards will make the face becomes more delicate , more astute and more lovely .