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NEW PATRIOT email desperate complaint against the state

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Today I received this email, read it and forward it via email as I am doing many people as possible, change the world, bringing light, can be!!!





Please Merkel, Sarkozy, Obama and their families, we are doing to pay the 70% taxes on our earnings, plus another 21% on final consumption, on gasoline 60% goes to the state, send us a retired shortly before his death. If a Chinese company opens here in Italy for not paying taxes 5 age, but if we do put us in prison. Please help us, we no longer know how to go forward, I ask as a mother desperate for your Italian people, please help us. We are all human beings do not let our government treat us well! 



Please Pope Ratzinger, how can you let the people who protect, be tormented all day by advertising that you only invite to play poker, and roulette, or to make a loan to go on vacation. Please help us out of this evil incitement to vice, to an empty life, Which brings us only to destroy car, to lazy to, evil and to spend the little money we have, ruining our families. Oriana to teach so strong that values ​​are important and not what we see. Please help us!



Please try to bring God into the heart of who governs the human element, one for which we should not be considered only as a mass of consumers to squeeze but a people with a spiritual mind, so also have the time and strength to seek you and not just be a slave all day in our work and fear of how to make ends meet.



Here we get down to it ... Let's see ... Thank you for everything you have done up to now but we no longer believe in any of you, is too easy to go to a government once and once the other and give each other the blame for what you do. Where are all the pensions paid by our grandparents? Where you spent all the taxes that you did pay heavy price? Our grandparents were busy, they felt were protected by the Italians and their great Italian state, I remember politicians like Sandro Pertini? Dove è finito l’elemento umano, We can no longer see it in your faces! It 's time to change things, we have no prospect of retirement, work, dignity, it works by trying to escape from a state that you just want to pluck. Dove è finito l’elementWhat happened to the human elementYour work will be taken from educated citizens who enthusiastically and for a salary without privileges do their job with devotion and thanking God for the opportunity that was given to give themselves really to do for Italy. Without speculating! The human element!



Here we come full circle, your consciousness leaps and wants to suggest something, your rational part says that you can not, which is just an email, which can not be… but an idea can BORN, GROW, as the light can spread like the birth of the sun. Those who believed in the unification of Italy has made and you too, I managed to revive from the stupor of the misconception that all reality you have created around wake tomorrow, and get ready, it's time to move and you will understand talking and discussing with others around you who will be ready to react and recover their freedom like you. Think of God, think of your grandparents, the sacrifices they made in their lives and what they wanted to teach and that unfortunately it was all lost. Think of any person to whom you send this email and speak out. Send it to important people, priests, associations to anyone you think might be useful. Think. It 's time to create light, much light to dazzle, let's do it together, Italy, a democratic republic based on men! Thank you very much for your help!



A greeting from the heart.