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Crisis, increase unemployment and suicide, but the state where?

Posted il05/04/2012



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-Cynthia Aicha Rodolfi

02/01/2012: Bari,74 age, retiree is thrown from the balcony INPS asked refund.
09/01/2012: Bari 64 and 69 age, retired couple commit suicide in.
12/01/2012: Arzachena, 39 year merchant attempts to asfissiarsi,is saved.
22/02/2012: Trent, 44 years for too much debt is thrown under a train. is safe.
25/02/2012: San Remo, 47 age, electrician shoot.
26/02/2012: Florence, 65 age, businessman hangs himself.
02/03/2012: Ragusa, dealer tries to set himself on fire.
02/03/2012: Pordenone, 46 age, warehouseman commits suicide.
9/03/2012: Genoa, 45 years unemployed, salt on a pylon of the current.
9/03/2012: Taranto, 60 age, dealer found hanged.
10/03/2012: Turin, 59 age, mason by fire.
14/03/2012: Trieste, 40 age, newly unemployed fire.
15/03/2012: Lucca, 37 age, Nurse eats acid.
21/03/2012: Lecce, 29 age, craftsman hangs himself.
21/03/2012: Cosenza, 47 age, unemployed shoot.
23/03/2012: Pescara, 44 age, businessman hangs himself.
27/03/2012: Trani: 49 age, unemployed painter is thrown out the window.
28/03/2012: Bologna: 58 age, you to focus in front of the Inland Revenue.
29/03/2012: Verona, 27 age, workman fire.
01/04/2012: Sondrio: 57 age, loses job, walking on the tracks, saved time.
02/04/2012: Rome: 57 age, framer, hangs himself.
03/04/2012: Catania, 58 age, businessman shoots himself.
03/04/2012: Gela,78 years retired throws out the window,reduction in pension
03/04/2012: Rome, 59 age, entrepreneur, you shoot with a rifle.
04/04/2012 Milan, 51 age, unemployed hangs himself.
04/04/2012 Rome businessman shoots himself in the chest

In most middle-class families and low, two years now, at least one member has lost their job, or is found in layoffs, or significantly reduced its gain, and it just so happens that many too many families today are suddenly in a situation of complete inability to withstand even the expenses necessarily.

Suddenly here is that the reality of our beautiful country, quite similar to that of almost all the countries of the world, completely transformed by this insidious economic crisis, shows a photograph of a population poured into an agony that every day accelerates towards complete disillusionment and triggers mechanisms that easily lead to the worst depression. It is not more than boredom or depression from failure, or from lack of affection that was characteristic of the nineties and the last decade of the last century; Today this is the anxiety, simple but practical lack of "money" to survive.

The first months of 2012 were characterized by the effective realization of the real huge problem that affects the vast majority of the world population, and the Italians here we are not exempt, indeed partakers of the evil that now seems to be a catastrophe. Hence the latent pessimism of last year, today becomes awareness and acknowledgment of a situation that continues to worsen and does not give rise to any hope. The middle class is disappearing and increase the so-called "poor" are not those against generations, but I have become today and so quickly that they do not know how we should behave. It sounds like a joke unhappy, but is instead a social considerable inability to react, where perhaps there might be a glimmer of solution.

When a family that until a few months ago, could afford an average standard of living and had specific habits and could not bear certain expenses monthly, he suddenly realizes that he must cut all too small "superfluous", because his income has dropped dramatically, is also often reactive inability to be able to make simple decisions, and inability to deal with the actual facts. Not to mention the lack of preparation to fight a cultural disaster of this magnitude, of a society grown with faith / belief the omnipotence of the human race; philosophy (picked up by Greek pagans) the ability of man to create a destiny and achieve any dream therefore also wealth and prosperity only because of its willingness and efforts.

Evidently, happens that, a false and weak certainty based ephemeral belief in the human capacity for self-realization as best wishes, therefore get what they want, collapses like a sand castle in front of a situation today where not only there is a real practical impossibility of solving problems, but a cultural unpreparedness and instrumental.
This weakness is also due to the fact that the prevailing mentality has developed modern education based, for example, on the theory of evolution which evidently promises results of victory where the species is strengthened and says thanks to the improvement of the specific conditions of the individual and completely ignores the possibility of failure due to both the inability and especially due to the obstacles independent of any human will, therefore probably of different nature, If anything we would say Divine.
This analysis is the result of a risky consideration likely that shows how man, Today it is believed capable and strong and feels he is master of his life, when you find yourself having to fight a battle well above its human capabilities effectively limited, falls into mental depression, in schizophrenia, and nell'astenia total.

It is not hard to imagine how you could hear a husband and father who for months even years without a job, has no income, but many expenses necessary, perhaps the mortgage or the rent, the expense of food, bills of basic services such as electricity, water and gas, and can not pay. You can not trivialize the feelings of powerlessness and failure of a man who fails to meet these basic needs of his family and falls in the agony of defeat distrust darkest.

Comes naturally with a kind of rage, wondering where status here, and where the institutions that have certainly understood the gravity of the situation that will inevitably have yet to see a further breakdown, and speak as if they were mere spectators instead of being an active part in safeguarding disasters entity unsurpassed. How many suicides still ? How unfortunate fate, abyss and what we have to reach before they take key measures ? As guaranteed constitutional law on which our republic is founded, or the labor?

You can not think to continue to accept a parliament that does not want to think concretely and lose time in useless battles partisan and foolish pride. Our nation, like many others but this "trouble shared" there is no "joy", is running out like a spring dry. Is not working, not produce work, not promises no possibility. Anxiety is more and more difficult to contain, and epilogue most common is that of the destruction of all dignity that we often see results in radical and irreversible actions, to put an end to the agony for many too exhausting.

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Government health Federfarma: Italian cheated for 6 billion a year


30/03/2012 – IF HEALTH AND FEDERFARMA ': “LE IENE” Embarrass IORIO

You could save 6 billion a year in Italy with simple machines validator in every pharmacy to make sure that the drugs can be withdrawn only after entering the card senitaria.

These machines would prevent scams of unscrupulous pharmacies, doctors who prescribe complacent false prescriptions to their patients, throw the drugs in patume and pocket money. This simple task will save the Italians 6 billion that is pocketed by the usual rich: doctors, pharmacies and through bribes to our wealthy rulers!!!

Would save 200 Euro of annual fees less for each Italian, 600/800 Euro for each Italian family!!!

You can not otherwise explain why a project that could save so much money to the Italians was tested, were spent as many as 4 million of Italians and then blocked by Federfarma.

Motivation: “Were used less medication”

We happily correct: “Fewer drugs were stolen!”

 Ma andate a C…………. all!!!

Shame!!! Those in power could do so much good and he thinks only to fool the Italians!!!

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Denouncing Equitalia and Revenue Agency to the European Court of Human Rights


The national justice often does not meet or has objective limits to be able to obtain justice on specific issues. The questions that arise are the following:

1 – How and what to do when we have a dispute with a vendor or service provider outside of national boundaries and in the Community?
2 – Conflict as our problems with the European regulations?
3 – How European standards can help us for the damage that we receive from the national?
4 – When and how’ Family law applicable in the Community?
5 – When and how to make a decree for payment to a debtor in the Community?

1 – How and what to do when we have a dispute with a vendor or service provider outside of national boundaries and in the Community?
European court procedure applicable to cross-border disputes in civil and commercial matters, alternative to the still attemptable at national.
The application and’ provided by Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council: 861/07 (not acceding to Denmark): recovery procedure, excluding interest and costs, not excessive 2.000 Euro in civil and commercial matters.
The main characteristics:
- you do not need the assistance of a lawyer. Demand, in Italian, you forward by completing a standard (link to the model already’ downloaded) and with the assistance of the office of Justice of the Peace. Communications occur at a distance: Postal Service, fax, e-mail. The few hearings (that the legislation discourages) may be held by teleconference and statements made in writing;
- costs against the applicant are just the court fees (8 euro), but not’ except that the justice of the peace, while not being provided, face paying the unified. Collection documentation, the judge 30 days to give judgment, immediately enforceable throughout the EU without the need to resort to the local courts for a declaration of enforceability.
Here the specific legislative practice dell'Aduc that explains in detail how to proceed and provides the necessary forms.

2 – Conflict as our problems with the European regulations?
EU Court Justice - Luxembourg
- for the annulment of a measure, also legislative, establishment of a EU;
- against illegitimacy’ inertia or EU institution;
- damages against activities’ or behaviors of the agents and the EU institutions:
- against the Italian state which does not apply or does not comply with Community legislation or obligations therein;
- against the Italian courts do not apply or do not conform to justice or to the Community rule (by the Italian court or directly as a single claim or complaint cumulative).

3 – How European standards can help us for the damage that we receive from the national?
European Court of Human Rights (CEDU) - Council of Europe, Strasbourg
Complaints against violations by the Member to the European Convention on Human Rights:
- Fair trial: mode’ access civil process; modality, procedure and practice in the courts; injury to the right to judge as, the right of defense, and self-defense in civil and criminal;
- reasonable duration of the process: the duration of the proceeding shall be deemed unreasonable when exceeding three years by degree of judgment;
- right to civil liberties;
- right to security;
- right to privacy;
- right to an effective remedy notwithstanding that the violation has been committed by persons acting in an official capacity.

4 – Family Law. Recognition and enforcement of judgments of divorce, family, food rights, parental, Rights of the Child, right to family relations.

5 – Injunction. Unlimited value and certain credits amount and due procedure soak-front of their national court responsible for the area and you have to pay the unified.

To take advantage of this advice / assistance, see here for ways, places and times

Here, three in-depth articles:
- EU Justice and the European
- Process in Strasbourg?
- Harassment Equitalia. Assert themselves with the European Justice

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It gives the fire before the Inland Revenue, do not forget


I am a little after eight in the morning, a Bologna, when a man 58 age, a mason, in your car, Fiat Punto parked outside the offices of the Revenue, catches fire.

Hospitalized, versa in serious condition, with burns on the whole body. A push to do something so extreme would have been the despair resulting from its economic problems. Inside the car were found a letter addressed to his wife and another addressed to the Revenue, in which man would have explained, in a few lines, they always paid their taxes and asking to keep off his wife.
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The content of the ticket is not clear, because the leaves were almost completely burned. The idea is that the investigators had financial problems and debts. That is the reason for the suicide attempt.

Set fire, around 8,20, the man came out of the car, parked on the street Nanni Costa. To save it was the intervention of a guy that Romania has extinguished the flames using his jacket. Soon after they arrived two policemen. One of them took off his sweater and put out the flames that still enveloped the man's feet. Shortly after firefighters arrived. The man was transported code red with the helicopter to hospital in Parma. Is now in ricovertato “critical condition” in intensive care at the center hub for the treatment of major burns. It has burns on almost 100% of the body.
The story of the policeman

“A motorist has warned that there was a car burning – said the chosen agent of the municipal police Lorenzo Rubbi – but we knew there was a person burned. When we arrived I saw, a 15-20 meters, a man who burned. Romania had a guy off of the flames with a jacket that has charred”. Rubbi was on patrol to control traffic in the vicinity of a school near there. The 58, was still conscious. “I asked – Rubbi need – what happened? And he answered: I tried to kill me, voglio morire, I want to die”. The man did not explain the reasons for his action, but nearby agents have found the letters. “Apologized to his wife for what he had done, and even the Inland Revenue. He said he had always paid their taxes and asked his wife to leave in peace” Conclude the officer.

“What happened this morning is overwhelming – said the mayor of Bologna Virginio Merola -. Must reflect all do because it is a request for help that we can not remain indifferent”.

And we would add:

“Even so no one does anything while the Italian people that 150 working hours can not do that because very little money lending institutions as constitutionally Equitalia and the Internal Revenue Service led by people who is having a good head of government destroys us and treat us like criminals because we can not pay their taxes that are . We think it's time to speak up!!! We are the people!!!”

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