It gives the fire before the Inland Revenue, do not forget


I am a little after eight in the morning, a Bologna, when a man 58 age, a mason, in your car, Fiat Punto parked outside the offices of the Revenue, catches fire.

Hospitalized, versa in serious condition, with burns on the whole body. A push to do something so extreme would have been the despair resulting from its economic problems. Inside the car were found a letter addressed to his wife and another addressed to the Revenue, in which man would have explained, in a few lines, they always paid their taxes and asking to keep off his wife.
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The content of the ticket is not clear, because the leaves were almost completely burned. The idea is that the investigators had financial problems and debts. That is the reason for the suicide attempt.

Set fire, around 8,20, the man came out of the car, parked on the street Nanni Costa. To save it was the intervention of a guy that Romania has extinguished the flames using his jacket. Soon after they arrived two policemen. One of them took off his sweater and put out the flames that still enveloped the man's feet. Shortly after firefighters arrived. The man was transported code red with the helicopter to hospital in Parma. Is now in ricovertato “critical condition” in intensive care at the center hub for the treatment of major burns. It has burns on almost 100% of the body.
The story of the policeman

“A motorist has warned that there was a car burning – said the chosen agent of the municipal police Lorenzo Rubbi – but we knew there was a person burned. When we arrived I saw, a 15-20 meters, a man who burned. Romania had a guy off of the flames with a jacket that has charred”. Rubbi was on patrol to control traffic in the vicinity of a school near there. The 58, was still conscious. “I asked – Rubbi need – what happened? And he answered: I tried to kill me, voglio morire, I want to die”. The man did not explain the reasons for his action, but nearby agents have found the letters. “Apologized to his wife for what he had done, and even the Inland Revenue. He said he had always paid their taxes and asked his wife to leave in peace” Conclude the officer.

“What happened this morning is overwhelming – said the mayor of Bologna Virginio Merola -. Must reflect all do because it is a request for help that we can not remain indifferent”.

And we would add:

“Even so no one does anything while the Italian people that 150 working hours can not do that because very little money lending institutions as constitutionally Equitalia and the Internal Revenue Service led by people who is having a good head of government destroys us and treat us like criminals because we can not pay their taxes that are . We think it's time to speak up!!! We are the people!!!”

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